Sexual Assault Victims

Sexual Assault and Abuse Victims 

The sex assault and abuse lawyers at Sanders Phillips Grossman focus on representing victims who were abused by:

  • Priests/church employees,
  • Teachers/school employees,
  • Medical professionals, and
  • Massage therapists.

Our lawyers work in partnership with former prosecutors who have tried hundreds of sex crimes. Together we’ve handled high profile cases against churches, schools, medical professionals, massage therapists, and others, and won six-figure settlements for sex assault victims.

Our attorneys are available to provide legal advice. It is crucial to speak to a qualified lawyer before making any decision about your case. Schedule your free case review today: Call 888.888.8888 (Toll-Free) or send us a message.

We handle cases in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, representing our clients on a contingency fee basis.  That means you do not pay any attorney fees unless we win your sexual assault claim.  If we are unable to successfully resolve your sexual assault claim, you are not obligated to pay attorney fees.

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