Invokana Lawsuit vs. Johnson and Johnson

In a lawsuit filed July 3, 2017, plaintiff Martha Williams of Tennessee accuses Janssen Pharmaceuticals and parent company Johnson & Johnson of failure to adequately research all potential health risks of its new generation diabetes drug Invokana as well as failure to warn the public and medical community of such risks. The lawsuit blames an onset of acute renal failure, a urinary tract infection, dehydration and hypokalemia suffered by Williams just one month after starting the medication.

“Consumers of Invokana and their physicians relied on the Defendants’ false representations and were misled as to the drug’s safety, and as a result have suffered injuries including diabetic ketoacidosis, kidney failure, sepsis, cardiovascular problems, stroke, and the life-threatening complications thereof,” the lawsuit states. “The development of Plaintiff’s injuries was preventable and resulted directly from Defendants’ failure and refusal to conduct proper safety studies, failure to properly assess and publicize alarming safety signals, suppression of information revealing serious and life threatening risks, willful and wanton failure to provide adequate instructions, and willful misrepresentations concerning the nature and safety of Invokana.”

Read the entire complaint here.

United States District Court, District of New Jersey, Case 3:17-cv-4891

Invokana Lawsuit Johnson & Johnson