February 9, 2017 – After nearly $200 million in high-profile verdicts against the company, Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder trial begins today in another claim that their talcum powder causes ovarian cancer.

This time, a 56-year old Tennessee woman, Nora Daniels is blaming her diagnosis of ovarian cancer on the product after using it for over 30 years.  She is among thousands of other women nationwide who have filed lawsuits against the company alleging Johnson & Johnson knew of the risk of ovarian cancer but concealed evidence from the public and medical communities.

In October 2016, jurors awarded $70 million to Deborah Giannecchini after jurors heard first time testimony from a company whistleblower who said that she had been instructed to change adverse event reports from women diagnosed with cancer.

Past verdicts include awards of $55 million to Gloria Ristesund and $72 million to the estate of Jacqueline Fox, both in similar lawsuits against the company.

Although J&J maintains there is no conclusive evidence of a link between talc and cancer, this litigation may become one of the largest in decades to sweep the country.

“Tragically, these cases are not going away,” plaintiff’s attorney Ted Meadows said. “The science linking talc to ovarian cancer is too strong.  When jurors are presented with the scientific evidence and evidence that J&J knew and understood the threat to its customers, and did nothing, they vote to compensate the victim.”

Meadows said that a company the size of Johnson & Johnson can afford the massive verdicts and associate them with “the cost of doing business” but considering the number of mounting lawsuits “something must be done.”

“If the company won’t do it, the courts and juries will,” he said.


The pending case is case number 1422-CC09326-01 in Missouri’s 22nd Judicial Circuit Court.


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