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Jersey City, NJ – Hudson County filed a lawsuit against Purdue Pharma L.P. & Other Manufacturers and Distributors of Synthetic Opioid Pain Killers.

In an electronic filing before the court at 11 a.m., legal counsel, Sanders Phillips Grossman, LLC “allege that the defendants, much like the tobacco companies once did, attempted to downplay the addictive nature of their products causing massive harm to the public health, welfare and safety and that licensed distributors of opioids failed in their legal duty to effectively track where the drugs were ending up.”

According to the lawsuit, Hudson County taxpayers bore the cost for the rise in abuse and addiction since 1990’s when the promotion of synthetic opioids began. The pharmaceutical company made millions, while the citizens are paying “the spiraling bill” for treatment services and “terrible burden of losing loved ones to these addictive drugs.”

Hudson County is one of the municipalities which have chosen Sanders Phillips Grossman, LLC to bring the pharmaceutical company to justice, seek money damages and stop the continued promotion of these addictive drugs.

Sanders Phillips Grossman, LLC will be working with Eisbrough March, LLC of Hackensack, NJ in handling the litigation for Hudson County. Sanders Phillips Grossman, LLC created an Opioids Task Force designated to fighting the manufacturers, distributors, and promoters of Opioids.

To learn more about this litigation or for comments, contact Vicki J. Maniatis, Esq. at 516-491-4665 or David Eisbrouch, Esq. at 201-888-6634.

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