Do not allow insurance companies to prioritize your profits over your losses. You deserve to receive the coverage for which you pay. We can help you receive as much as possible for the damages that Hurricane Maria caused.

The vast majority of home and business owners have paid for insurance believing that in case of a hurricane or any other natural disaster they would be covered. However, this has not been the case with many people. After the hurricanes Irma and María, they have realized that the insurance companies they trusted do not treat them as they are supposed to.

Are you facing low or backward payments in your claims about Hurricane Maria?

During the recovery after Hurricane Maria, too many property owners and companies in Puerto Rico have realized that the insurance companies are not fulfilling the responsibility of the claims. We feel for the situation that is happening, we understand your frustration, and we know the challenges you face during your recovery from this catastrophe.

We focus on natural disaster claim laws, and we do not allow insurance to take advantage of hurricane victims. We do not allow you to delay, pay less, or deny your legitimate claims. For a long time we have worked in this field and fought for your rights as victims. We will not give up until you get what you deserve from your insurance.

Fighting for your business

Before Hurricane Maria, maybe you thought your business was just as important to you as it was to the insurance company. However, the reality is that insurance is more concerned with minimizing your loss of money instead of your welfare and your interests.


Clearly, the hurricane affected a large number of businesses, which means that you are not the only one going through this problem. Most businesses have multi-million dollar policies, causing insurance companies to not pay the correct amounts and deny many claims. You do not have to play these games, let us help you recover your money that you deserve quickly.

The process of claims of homes and businesses

To be able to help you, you have to submit your claim and comply with the following:

  • Document everything, including the names, contact information, and work position of the people with whom you speak.
  • Write down all the information and advice provided by the insurance company.
  • Point out how often the insurance company is answering your claims, and remember the arrears.
  • Share these notes with the insurance company, so that both sides have it in case there are problems in the future.
  • Determine a deadline for your claim and let your insurance company know that they have to comply. Do not be afraid to insist that everything continue on the right path.
  • Share your financial position at the moment and all the challenges you face because of the damages that were caused in the hurricane.
  • Asegúrate que tu contratista esté presente cuando el representante del seguro vaya a inspeccionar tu propiedad. No dejes que le falten daños por ver.
  • Tenga videos y fotos sobre todos los daños causados.
  • No comience a reparar los daños hasta que hayan sido inspeccionados por el seguro.


Si tu seguro no aprobó el reclamo que sometiste, debes saber que tienes otras opciones. Puedes contratar a un abogado experto para que someta una demanda y se asegure que tus derechos sean protegidos.

Maneje sus reclamos de su hogar

Entendemos que tienes mucho con que bregar en el momento. Permítenos ayudar con tus reclamos. Podemos manejar sus reclamos sobre daños causados por viento, inundaciones, y mucho más.

Te ayudaremos a luchar cualquier decisión injusta sobre:

  • Daños externos en su hogar
  • Daños internos en su hogar
  • Pérdida de propiedad personal
  • Gastos relacionados a evacuación y relocalización


Don’t worry about determining how much damage was caused by the storm or the flooding. Let us help you take care of all that. Insurance companies are looking for any little mistake to delay your claims, and they know when disaster strikes, mistakes are likely.

No te preocupes sobre determinar cuánto daño fue causado exactamente por el huracán, nosotros nos encargamos de eso. Las compañías de seguros buscan cualquier error en tu reclamo para negarlo, y saben que durante caos los errores ocurren.

Regrese su negocio a la normalidad

Nos comprometemos a ayudar dueños de negocios con sus reclamos para lograr recibir el dinero que necesitan para reparar el daño causado. Permítenos ayudarte a recibir los pagos necesarios para cubrir las pérdidas debidas a:

  • Daños en tu hogar, oficina, o edificio
  • Daños en tu techo, puertas, ventanas, y paredes
  • Daños causados por fuego
  • Pérdida de inventario
  • Pérdida de propiedad del negocio
  • Pérdida de cosecha
  • Pérdida de ganancias
  • Daños causados por agua
  • Daños causados por viento
  • Daños causados por inundaciones
  • Daños de estructuras
  • Cualquier destrucción catastrófica


No te preocupes sobre determinar cuánto daño fue causado exactamente por el huracán, nosotros nos encargamos de eso. Las compañías de seguros buscan cualquier error en tu reclamo para negarlo, y saben que durante caos los errores ocurren.

Te mereces una compensación justa

Antes de contratar a un ajustador, contáctenos para poder ayudarte a determinar la mejor manera de proceder. Nuestros abogados saben cómo manejar los trucos de las compañías de seguros, y nosotros sabemos cómo ayudar a nuestros clientes que enfrentan problemas con sus reclamos.

We make sure that the insurance company pays the correct amount to repair the damage, and we also make payments fast. We have experience with the laws on hurricanes and natural disasters, and we are ready to fight for your rights and negotiate the best possible deal. Our team of lawyers is ready to litigate. We have helped hurricane victims across the nation, and we want to do the same for you. Let us help you get the compensation you deserve so that you can begin to repair all the damages and get your life back to normal.