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Helping Hurricane Maria Victims

Puerto Rico citizens pay above industry standard premiums to protect their property from hurricanes.

So it would be fair to say home and business owners on the island expect their insurance providers to be there for them after disaster strikes and hope underwriters will pay them fair compensation on legitimate hurricane damage claims.

In mid-September, Hurricane Maria swept through Puerto Rico and caused almost $91 billion dollars in damages, making the tropical cyclone the third-costliest Atlantic hurricane on record.

To stay profitable, many insurance companies in Puerto Rico and on the mainland have unfortunately implemented strict claims-control practices that minimize Hurricane Maria damage compensation.

Their bad faith and unfair dealings in delaying, denying, and underpaying Hurricane Maria damage claims are further having devastating effects on policyholders.

The expert insurance claim attorneys at the Sanders Phillips Grossman in Puerto Rico and Florida are now offering a free consultation for Hurricane Maria victims to make certain individuals know their rights before filing their claims or heading into dispute resolution processes with greedy insurance providers.

Our Hurricane Maria insurance authorities are experts in scrutinizing insurance policies; we also help victims find the scope of damages on their claims.

Hurricane Maria victims may likewise choose to retain a Sanders Phillips Grossman Hurricane Maria attorney on a contingency fee basis to file their FEMA relief claims, to negotiate fair settlements with deep pocket insurance corporations, or to sue insurance providers in Puerto Rican court for fair compensation.

Sanders Phillips Grossman Puerto Rico law offices hold winning reputations in fighting giant insurance corporations that act in their own interests by unreasonably denying or undervaluing hurricane damage claims.

If your Hurricane Maria claim processing is taking too long to resolve or if an insurance provider is offering you a lowball payout on your Hurricane Maria home or business property damage claim, ask an attorney at Sanders Phillips Grossman to help you assert your rights as a policyholder.

Your Legal Rights Regarding Hurricane Maria Property Damage Claims

When insurance companies exercise bad faith in handling Hurricane Maria damage claims, policyholders hold the right to sue their providers for the full value of their claim plus attorney fees and legal expenses.

Hurricane Maria insurance providers act in bad faith when:

  • Insurance representatives intentionally underestimate losses, knowing actual damages and costs to repair are higher.
  • Adjusters fail to make good-faith offers to settle claims.
  • Providers offer to pay only part of a legitimate claim.
  • Insurance providers terminate coverage without notice.
  • Insurance representatives unlawfully delay claim investigations or lag in entering into dispute resolution settlements.
  • Insurance companies refuse to investigate a lawful claim.
  • Adjusters deny valid insurance claims covered by the policy.

Insurance companies and their employees may find alternative ways to take advantage of Hurricane Maria policyholders; this is why most hurricane victims seek consultation with the hurricane claims attorneys at Sanders Phillips Grossman to learn how the insurance process works and to discuss the specifics of their individual home or business Hurricane Maria damage claim.

Turn the Tables on Insurance Companies

Is your insurance provider denying, delaying, or underpaying your Hurricane Maria insurance claim?

Many Hurricane Maria victims find they need to fight for their home or business when insurance companies act in bad faith by lowballing merited Hurricane Maria damage covered in an underwriting.

Most post-Maria victims who paid thousands in monthly premiums under the assumption they’re fully covered in case a hurricane strikes are now finding out the insurance companies they had put so much confidence in aren’t compensating them objectively.

Puerto Rican citizens don’t have to play games with their insurance providers.

Disaster Law and civil case doctrines clearly offer legal paths for Hurricane Maria victims to recover the claim damages they’re entitled to both quickly and effortlessly.

However, if your insurance provider underpays or unfairly denies your legitimate damage claim, you will need to act soon to challenge the decision.

Consulting with Sanders Phillips Grossman natural disaster lawyers can save Hurricane Maria victims both time and money in disputing lowball settlement offers from deep-pocket insurance providers.

After successfully advocating Hurricane Irma claims in 2017, our Puerto Rico law office knows the challenges hurricane victims go through when insurance adjusters deny or delay damage claims.

Our mission is to help Puerto Rican citizens rebuild their lives after catastrophe hits by rigorously litigating disaster law complaints and insurance claims.

Sanders Phillips Grossman is not afraid to turn the tables on corporate insurance providers who take advantage of Hurricane Maria victims, and we possess the financial resources to make sure policyholders receive the maximum payout from their insurance policies.

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Home and Business Disaster Claim Processing

Many Puerto Rican residents who need to file Hurricane Maria damage claims are still without electricity, phone service, or internet access.

Insurance providers and state disaster relief agencies set deadlines for filing hurricane damage claims. Hurricane Maria victims who haven’t done so already must file their insurance claims immediately to avoid statute of limitation problems.

Citizens without a phone or electronic services can visit the Hurricane Maria claims attorneys at Sanders Phillips Grossman in Puerto Rico and retain a professional disaster relief advocate to file their claim with insurance providers today before their policy deadlines take them out of the statute.

Sanders Phillips Grossman in Puerto Rico and Florida Help Hurricane Maria Victims File Claims

Never assume your insurance company will extend your claim deadline.

Hurricane Maria Victims who wish to have the Sanders Phillips Grossman quickly and effectively file their insurance damage claim should review the following pre-claim activities before heading to their free consultation:

  • Save emails or other communications from insurance providers.
  • Note your present financial situation and the challenges you face due to your insurance company’s bad faith dealings.
  • Keep a record of your insurance company’s responsiveness regarding your Hurricane Maria claims inquiries.
  • Record phone conversations with adjusters, or take detailed notes after insurance representatives contact you.
  • Ask your claims adjuster about filing deadlines and expected payout dates.
  • Take pictures of all Hurricane Maria property damage to your business or home and attempt no repairs until your lawyer advises you to do so.
  • Note the names, titles, and contact information of insurance company representatives who corresponded with you about your claim.

Performing this due diligence only reinforces your claim, and it helps your Hurricane Maria disaster relief attorney get you the compensation you deserve even faster.

FEMA Relief Funds May Pay Lawyer Fees and Expenses

Congress allows its disaster relief agency to help Hurricane Maria victims litigate bad faith insurance practices.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides disaster relief funds for Hurricane Maria victims, state agencies, municipalities, and individual barrios throughout the island.

Puerto Rico citizens often claim FEMA disaster entitlements to cover certain damages that fall outside the realms of their individual policies.

The Hurricane Maria claims attorneys at Sanders Phillips Grossman in Puerto Rico and Florida are experts in handling FEMA claims, which victims should file jointly with ordinary insurance claims to get maximum payout for their legitimate damages.

Your Sanders Phillips Grossman counselor may also petition FEMA to pay your attorneys’ fees and expenses related to litigating a denied or disputed insurance claim. This means you’ll pay nothing to resolve your damage claim in a court of law.

Ordinary Hurricane Maria Property Damage

Legitimate Hurricane Maria insurance claims cover losses to property and indemnify victims so they can pay for necessary repairs.

We can help Puerto Rican business and homeowners recover their losses and get back on their feet from Hurricane Maria damages that may include:

  • Water, wind or flood damage
  • Destruction to home, land or business
  • Fire damage
  • Livestock and crop damage on farms
  • Loss of business inventory and stock
  • Building structural damage
  • Loss of business property, equipment, or profits
  • Damage or loss of residential appliances, furniture or electronics
  • Relocation expenses
  • Roof damage or broken doors, windows, and walls
  • Loss of precious valuables
  • Other catastrophic destruction

Establishing Proof of Loss and Damages

Let the Sanders Phillips Grossman help you figure out your Hurricane Maria damages caused by the storm or flooding.

Both private insurance companies and FEMA require Hurricane Maria victims to establish proof of loss before filing a claim. Hurricane Maria’s economic and engineering professionals at Sanders Phillips Grossman are masters at compiling legally competent proof of loss (POL) statements for hurricane victims.

After you retain a disaster relief attorney at our law firm, your lawyer will promptly investigate damages by sending a professional team to your home or business to collect evidence of lost or damaged property.

Keep in mind, to qualify for damage relief, POL documentation must include pictures of damages, proof of purchase, model numbers, and serial numbers for missing appliances, electronics, business equipment, or machinery.

Puerto Rico residents impacted by Hurricane Maria don’t have to establish their proof of property damage or loss alone — allow Sanders Phillips Grossman to do this for you so that you can focus on your recovery.


You Deserve Fair Treatment from Bad Faith Insurance Providers

Do you need an expert Hurricane Maria attorney to evaluate, litigate, or resolve your insurance claim?

Sanders Phillips Grossman is a nationally recognized law firm with expert disaster relief lawyers in Puerto Rico and in Florida.

We offer over Hurricane Maria victims over fifty years of experience in negotiating with insurance providers that play hardball. Our Puerto Rican hurricane attorneys can file and resolve disaster insurance claims in both Puerto Rico and on the mainland, and the advocates really understand the complexities of both legal systems.

Sanders Phillips Grossman likewise holds vast financial resources and has access to professional authorities who work to get our clients compensated for their property damages.

Let us help you work out your Hurricane Maria property damage claim so that you start your repairs and get back to your normal life.

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