Defective drugs are pharmaceuticals with side effects that potentially harm, injure, or kill the patient to the point that they outweigh the drug’s intended benefits.

Our attorneys have extensive knowledge of pharmaceutical and medical device regulations. We have working knowledge of pharmaceutical product pre-approval development, with detailed understanding on Non-Clinical Studies and Clinical Trials, and post-approval obligations and requirements, including Safety Surveillance and Pharmacovigilance and ongoing Clinical Trials.  We understand the FDA-drug sponsor relationships which enable us to tailor successful strategies and arguments in discovery battles in order to procure materials Plaintiffs and their experts need.  We have held leadership roles in all facets of litigation in coordinated proceedings, with a particular focus on developing the building blocks to establish General Causation, which is often times the most difficult obstacle to hurdle in a pharmaceutical case.

Pharmaceutical companies are some of the largest, wealthiest, and most influential corporate entities in the world.  As a nationally recognized leading plaintiff’s law firm, Sanders Phillips Grossman and its predecessors have recovered over one billion dollars for injured consumers.


Sanders Phillips Grossman has been holding pharmaceutical companies responsible and protecting victims' rights for over 30 years.