Wright Hip Implant

Wright Medical Technology is a manufacturer of hip replacement implants used for both total hip replacement and hip resurfacing. Due to defective implants, Wright has previously had to issue a hip implant recall. When a defective hip implant fails it requires a second surgery, which is known as a revision surgery, to repair damages and implant a new device.  If you have been affected by a defective hip implant, contact us today for a free consultation.

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According to a recent medical study and pending lawsuits, it now appears that Wright may have problems with another defective hip implant. There are several symptoms that may indicate a defective hip implant may be failing. These can Pain

  • Grinding noise coming from the hip area
  • Difficulty Standing or Walking
  • Recalled Hip Replacement Systems

A hip replacement system is generally expected to last at least 15 years. When a hip system is defective it leads to early failures, and may be subject to a hip implant recall. A Wright hip recall in 2004 involved a number of its Conserve Total and Conserve Plus hip systems due to defective manufacturing. The defective component caused failure of the device and required revision surgery in a number of recipients.

The latest information on a current problem with a Wright hip implant involves the Profemur® Hip System. A recent lawsuit claims that the device broke soon after implantation, resulting in revision surgery, severe pain and permanent injury.

Why was the Wright Hip Replacement System Recalled?

The 2004 Wright hip replacement recall was based on a manufacturing defect. A seam was present on the acetabular cup surface, which was required to be smooth, and the device failed. In the case of the Profemur® Hip System, problems may be occurring because of a flaw in the actual design.

It has been claimed that an innovative modular neck in the device is subject to undue bending and fracture. An Australian study has found that the Profemur® Hip System is subject to early revision surgery in up to 11 percent of recipients.

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