VW Diesel Emissions
VW Diesel Emissions in the UK

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If you have ever purchased or leased a VW Diesel vehicle you could be due a payout

If you bought or leased a new or second-hand VW, Audi, Skoda or SEAT vehicle prior to 1 January 2016, you may be eligible for significant compensation from Volkswagen.

You could get up to 100% of the purchase price of your vehicle back as compensation! No-win, no-fee.

Specifically, the claim is for vehicles affected by the VW Diesel Emissions Scandal which:

  • are fitted with 1.2, 1.6, or 2.0 liter Diesel (EA189) engines
  • were made between 1 Jan 2008 and 1 Jan 2016

The VW Diesel Emissions claims are brought by tens of thousands of Claimants against Volkswagen arises from what has been called an “appalling case of fraud” affecting 11 million diesel cars worldwide, including an estimated 1.2 million cars in the UK.

See if you can claim

How Sanders Phillips Grossman can help you to claim compensation

VW Diesel Emissions has set aside £22.6 billion to cover fines and settlements but continues to deny liability to compensate people like you.

Sanders Phillips Grossman has entered into a collaboration with one of the leading law firms in the UK, Excello Law, to obtain the compensation from VW that is due to you. We have won over $1 billion of compensation for aggrieved consumers in the USA in similar cases and now we are bringing our aggression, financial resources, and expertise to the UK.

Click below and in less than 30 seconds you will be guided through some straightforward questions to help determine whether you are entitled to seek a payout. You must act quickly though as time is running out to see if you qualify!

Your participation is critical to the success of this case against Volkswagen because there is strength in numbers: invite your friends, family, neighbors, and work colleagues to see if they are eligible for a payout, too, by clicking the Share on Facebook button below.

Millions of people just like you trusted VW because of the supposed environmentally-friendly vehicles they produced. With VW achieving record sales and profits, now more than ever is an important time to send the message to VW that what they did was wrong and that they are not above the law. VW and other car manufacturers need to understand that lying to consumers and harming the environment is unacceptable and that there must be financial consequences for doing so.

See if you can claim

VW Diesel FAQ’s

  1. Q. How much compensation will I receive?
    A. This will depend upon what vehicle you own(ed) or lease(ed). The level of your compensation will also depend upon when you bought your vehicle and may depend upon how much you sold your vehicle for/how much it is worth now. For owners of vehicles bought or leased after 1 October 2014, the compensation could be as high as 100% of the purchase price. For other owners, we hope to achieve at least as much as American owners received (an average of about £5,000).
  2. Q. Will I have to go to court?
    A. Probably not. If VW insists on defending the case all the way to trial, then a handful of Claimants (likely between 10 and 20) will be selected out of the tens of thousands who are participating in the action in order to give evidence. Anyway, going to court is nothing to be afraid of– VW is in the wrong!
  3. Q. What will it cost me to bring the claim against VW?
    A. Nothing upfront. In signing up, you will be asked to enter into a “no win, no fee” agreement with Excello Law, a top UK law firm, and our collaborator on this case. Under the terms of the agreement, you will only be liable to pay Excello Law’s fees and expenses, as well as those of barristers, funders, and insurers, if the case is successful. The exact amount that you will pay will depend upon how long the case takes, how much time the lawyers need to spend on it, and the level of compensation obtained. You will, however, receive at least 50% of your compensation in all circumstances.
  4. Q. How long does it take to sign up?
    A. A couple of minutes. Once you have signed up, we will be back in touch with you within the next few weeks to obtain the rest of the information which is necessary in order for you to participate in the Group Litigation Order.
  5. Q. What information do I need to submit to sign up?
    A. Name, email, and vehicle registration number.
  6. Q. How do I know if I’m eligible for a payout?
    A. Your information will be reviewed and then it will be determined if you are eligible to join the group litigation– all at no cost to you. There is no risk and all of your information is kept confidential.
  7. Q. When can I expect to receive my payout?
    A. All the lawyers in the action are committed to obtaining a payout on your behalf as quickly as possible. As VW is one of the largest and richest companies in the world, however, it may be necessary to take them to court. If a quick settlement is achieved, you may receive your payout in the next six months but if VW chooses to continue to fight, it could take two to three years.
  8. Q. Do I have to still own the car in order to be eligible for a payout?
    A. No. If you purchased or leased a qualified vehicle and have since sold it or handed it back, then you are still eligible.
  9. Q. If I bought my vehicle on finance or lease, then am I still eligible for a payout?
    A. If you bought on finance or leased a qualified vehicle, then you are eligible. In fact, people who bought vehicles on finance or leased a vehicle have some of the strongest claims. It may be possible to get you back all of your finance/lease payments plus interest plus damages!
  10. Q. I haven’t paid off the finance or lease on my car, am I still eligible to receive compensation from VW?
    A. Yes, you are still eligible.
  11. Q. My car has had the “fix” (installation of updated engine software from VW), am I still eligible for a payout?
    A. Yes, whether your car has had the “fix” or not, you are still eligible.
  12. Q. My car was recalled, am I still eligible for a payout?
    A. Yes, owners of recalled, qualified vehicles may be eligible.
  13. Q. Who is Sanders Phillips Grossman?
    A. We are one of the leading law firms in the USA and have obtained over $1billion in compensation for consumers in similar cases to the claim against VW.
  14. Q. As an American law firm, how can you represent clients in the UK?
    A. We have entered into a collaboration with a top UK law firm, Excello Law, in order to bring claims against VW. The lawyers who handle your case will be a formidable team of some of the best lawyers in America and top English barristers and solicitors.
  15. Q. How will you bring my claim?
    A. Your claim will be brought as part of a Group Litigation Order (a “GLO”) which is the mechanism by which the courts in England and Wales manage thousands of cases that are all brought together at the same time. During the sign-up, you will be asked to read a document called the Litigation Management Agreement which is the contract by which you will appoint a Committee of Claimants to give instructions to Excello Law to bring the claim on your behalf. This allows your lawyers to act for tens of thousands of people like you all at the same time.
  16. Q. What laws are being used to bring the claim against VW?
    A. The Generic Particulars of Claim (the formal document used to bring the claim against VW) alleges that VW, Audi, Seat, and Skoda fraudulently represented that the affected vehicles complied with all relevant UK and EU laws on the sale, registration and putting into service of vehicles. It also alleges that VW, Audi, Seat, and Skoda fraudulently represented that the vehicles did not incorporate unlawful defeat devices and that the vehicles did not require modification in order to meet relevant emissions standards. As well as the claim in fraud, it alleges that there have been breaches of contract, EU Law, consumer credit laws, and consumer protection laws.
  17. Q. Would I have to pay VW’s costs if the claim is lost?
    A. £10 million of insurance coverage has been arranged on behalf of Claimants who sign up with Excello Law. This will protect you against having to pay VW’s costs in the unlikely event that the claim is lost.
  18. Q. Why are funders and insurers involved in the action?
    A. VW is the 13th largest company in the world and has unlimited resources to spend to seek to prevent you from receiving your payout. Millions of pounds of funding and insurance is therefore necessary in order to be able to bring the action against VW.
  19. Q. I work for VW, am I still eligible to join this group litigation?
    A. Yes, if you work for VW and currently or previously owned or leased an affected vehicle, you will be eligible to make a claim.
  20. Q. Can I bring a claim if I bought or leased my vehicle in Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man?
    A. You won’t be able to join the Group Litigation in England and Wales, but you should still sign up with us anyway. We will liaise with lawyers in those jurisdictions to seek to obtain your payout, or alternatively, negotiate directly with VW on your behalf.
  21. Q. Should I allow VW to “fix” my vehicle?
    A. We can’t tell you what to do, but as you will no doubt be aware, thousands of owners of affected vehicles have complained about the alleged effects of the “fix” on the performance and fuel consumption of their vehicles.

See if you can VW Diesel claim

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