Railroad Non-Poaching Agreement

Railroad Non-Poaching Agreement Legal Investigation

If you have been or are currently employed by Wabtec, Knorr, or their subsidiaries or affiliates at any time from 2009 to present, you may have a legal claim. It has been alleged that companies such as Wabtec and Knorr have used non-poaching agreements with competitors in their marketplace, limiting employees’ opportunity for upward mobility and increased wages.

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Non-Poaching Legal Investigation

“Poaching” is a term used when one employer hires an employee away from a competing company.

Under a “Non-Poaching Agreement”, companies agree that they will not hire each other’s workers. For the employee, this results in loss of job mobility and competitive wages.  Workers can end up stuck in positions with below-market wages with little bargaining power for better wages, opportunities, or working conditions.

Lawsuit Filed Against Wabtec

A former employee of railroad supplier Wabtec has filed a lawsuit alleging that through a non-poaching agreement between Wabtec and other supply companies, he has suffered lost job opportunities and competitive wages. The lawsuit alleges that during the time the Pennsylvania resident worked for Wabtec, he also tried moving up at the company but was unable to do so.

Wabtec Settles with Department of Justice

In 2009, Wabtec and other railroad suppliers allegedly signed an agreement not to hire each other’s workers to diminish competition between the companies. The agreement was uncovered by the Department of Justice in 2015 and a settlement was reached in 2018. Unfortunately, that agreement did not include compensation for employees who were affected by the agreement.

Employers Under Investigation

Our attorneys are currently investigating railroad suppliers who may be engaging in non-poaching activities. If you have worked for any of the companies listed below, please contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation at 888-990-6164.


  • Knorr Brake Company
  • Knorr Bremse AG
  • New York Air Brake Corporation
  • Wabtec Passenger Transit
  • Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corporation (Wabtec)
  • Faiveley
  • Faiveley Transport North America
  • Faiveley Transport S.A



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