What do our clients have to say about us?

Rick Rodgers
3 months ago
I have never been to this place but I have called Sanders Phillips and Grossman about my injury or shall I say my injuries that I may have, and they have been fabulous and how they have proceeded with me. I now have an attorney and his Legal Assistant by the name of Natalie Mendez in my attorney is named Rob Mouiser which I just I like working with very much as they return my texts and my emails as soon as they can so if you ever do have any kind of the problems that Sanders Phillips & Grossman can’t help you with I am sure that they will help you with them…
Rico Echols
8 months ago
Good Lawyer’s
Stanley Gallus
9 months ago
They are handling my hernia mesh claim, very nice girls Shannon, Veronica, Megan thanks for treating an army vet with respect… GO GET EM 🇺🇸😀😀😀


Carlos Escalera
7 months ago
Very good company
Pamela M.
9 months ago

I am giving you a 5-star rating because I feel that you are genuinely concerned about my hair loss tragedy.  I am happy to have found a law firm that cares about my experience and what I have had to deal with.
Marcella D.
12 months ago
Always well-spoken and to the point.  Questions or concerns have always been answered.  Just great encounters every time.

Gloria H.
12 months ago
My calls have been answered in a timely manner and your associates have been very professional.